Creative thinking and an innate sense of observation are vital ingredients for any successful business venture. The Late Mr. K.U.Sodalamuthu had them in him when he observed the potential in Paper Conversion Machinery.


We have a market share of more than 90% in India and 40% worldwide in paper conversion machinery. More than 800 machinery and plants have been manufactured and supplied to various parts of India and abroad


We are equipped with an advanced production unit that is designed to provide superior quality & high output as well. Keeping a strong eye in sustainable manufacturing, we have installed various latest machinery and equipment in our plant premises.


* Engineering Export Promotion Council
* Indian Institute of Packaging
* Confederation of Indian Industry
* International Molded Pulp Environmental Packaging Association (IMPEPA), USA

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» Fully Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine with Online Drier
» Automatic Paper Cone Finishing Machine (Twin Index)
» Pattern Developing Machine (Japanese Model)
» Glueing Machine and Paper Cone Winders (Semi Automatic)
» Paper Cone Finishing Machine (Multi Process)

Spinning Mill High Speed Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine for Yarn Winding


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Depending upon the application the specification of the cone varies. The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg15′, 5 Deg 57′, 4 Deg 20′, 3 Deg 30′, etc.

In all yarn winding application, tension at the traverse extremes pulls yarn towards the cone centre. So we have to provide suitable surface finish to the cones like Embossing, Velvet Finishing, etc.

We are leading paper cone manufacturer and exporter of textile paper cones, printed paper cones, plain paper cones, cardboard cones, yarn paper cones, recycled paper cones, kraft paper cones, brown paper cones, waxed paper cone, conical waxed paper cones, brown conical paper cone, paper conical boxes.

We are the manufacturers of Paper Conical Bolt Boxes (Construction cones) in waxed & unwaxed surface.We can Supply you in various sizes.

Waxed cones and cardboard conical bolt boxes are widely used by construction industries.

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